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Living an Amazingly Wonderful Life with Maxfone V2

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Keep every beautiful moment in your life that you will never forget. Never offline with powerful battery. Maxfone V2 is now available!


Capture beautiful moments
The camera is just like our eyes, records moments, fleeting impressions. Youth, smile, sunshine or bright scenery…there are so many moments that moved us.


Maxfone V2 packs with HD camera, which takes vivid and colorful photos. Capture, share and enjoy life’s unforgettable moments like never before with V2.

The sound is amazing


Enhanced loudspeaker system that will allow you to enjoy an out of the world experience when you play your favourite song selection.

Never offline


V2 uses a 1200mAh lithium battery that is safer and has a longer lifespan. It optimizes management power software to achieve longer standby time. The standby time last up to 15 days that it was fully charged.

Living an Amazingly Wonderful Life with V2